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Bloggity Blog Blah - This is me Terra Marshall

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Well hello big wide world. This is my first attempt at blogging and to introduce myself. We'll see if I can continue to find the time in my busy life to keep you updated on the 1 million blessings, or to state more clearly, things to constantly do and take care of. I am fortunate to have good health after a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and a preventative hysterectomy during a global pandemic all in the year 2020. Even while enduring all that, my strong ethic to work hard has not wavered. My business continues to thrive and my coworkers were a big support. I can also still find the time to cook and bake from scratch, raise chickens, snuggle my kids and have amazing connections with my husband after 20 years in a relationship. Here goes a little bit about myself and my journey.

I am originally from Chico, California but consider myself an Asheville native having moved here in 1996. I had an interesting relationship after a summer in Alaska that randomly moved me here. I am certain that Asheville lured me here to help shape and grow my community.

I thrived immediately and grew into myself as a strong, independent young 21 year old hottie, and never looked back. I was young, single and had newfound confidence. I had it simple. My clothes, a bed, a bicycle, and two amazing roommates. That was all I needed to discover my inner strength and will to live a happy fulfilled life. One of those roommates is still a close friend and I will cherish her always. I plan to feature her in future blogs, so look for her! I met my amazing native of Asheville husband in 1998 and we are still a force to be reckoned with.

I have been the owner/creator/beauty operator of Beauty Parade since 2003 after graduating beauty school in 2000 and booth renting in a few salons while building clientele. Back in those days West Asheville was still under the alias of "Worst Asheville". We took the leap of faith and here Beauty Parade stands today with much success.

I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing stylists throughout the years. I have watched them move on and prosper into their very own salon ownership. Many have learned from their days fresh out of beauty school while apprenticing. I have made deep friendships and shared advice for those who simply ask for it. I am a firm believer in building people up and encouraging growth, whether it be within my salon or wherever it takes a stylist. I have been known to give people extra chances and have been called "too nice." I've also been called a bitch, uptight and who knows what else. I have expectations and standards within my work environment, so naturally a powerful and confident woman is often misunderstood. Fortunately all those things do not affect me because I am where I want to be and know what type of person I want to work alongside.

I have a needle point from a friend and former Beauty Parade stylist in our breakroom that says "Don't Start None, Won't Be None." I am a firm believer in not letting your mind take you places it shouldn't go. Always look at the blessings and what is right in front of you. If ya got an issue, be an adult and talk about it. Don't be afraid of what may come out of expressing yourself. Often it creates understanding. We could all use a lot of that.

I pride myself on results. I want the people in my chair to leave with a better sense of self and of course a fantastic head of hair. My clients quickly become friends. I've had some of them for many years and have watched children grow up and move away over and over. That can tug at your heartstrings. I love the connection I have with the people in my chair and within the salon.

I do not compare myself or the salon to what others are doing. If the customers are happy and coming back time after time, that is all the satisfaction I need. When stylists in my salon are busy, my heart is happy. I do not base my business on what other businesses are doing. I do not compete within my salon or this industry. I work alongside. I am proud to be among some of the most amazing talent in our bustling mountain town. I hope you've enjoyed this little tease of an intro about me. I will be back soon with more rantings from the mind and stories about West Asheville. I plan to feature some of my favorite (willing) clients and the work they do in future blog posts. If you are interested, get in touch!

See you then, or in the salon. Stay safe, wear your mask, think about your fellow human and know that many have hidden struggles and great strengths. Be kind.

*Photo by @catfordcoates of Atelier Unforgettable

*HMU by @gorgeousbymandynicole of Atelier Unforgettable

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