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Losers’ Mistakes

Losers trade chips for respect and comfort. Either they are too honest, or they project an image that makes them feel good, but costs them money.

Many losers project themselves honestly; what you see is what you get. They may be a bit deceptive about their cards, but they don’t want to mislead people about themselves. Their need to be honest makes them readable and predictable, which virtually guarantees losing

A few even tell people their basic strategy and specific inhibitions. You obviously must check to make sure they are not lying, but some people are so open that they can’t help themselves. Let’s look at a few examples. These statements were confirmed by observations. The comments after “Thanks” tell how winners would use that information against them.

· “I’m not aggressive. I won’t raise unless I’m almost certain I’ve got the winner.” Thanks. The next time you raise, I’m outta here.

· “I’ll always bet the flop if I’m last and nobody has bet.” Thanks. The next time I’ve got a great hand and you’re last, I can check-raise.

· “If a pot is big enough, I’ll call all the way with anything, but I’m not willing to make loose calls for small pots.” Thanks. Now I know when to bluff you.

· “I never check-raise because I believe in betting my own hands.” Thanks. The next time you check, I’ll know you have a weak hand. I can bluff with garbage or bet a marginal hand without fear of a raise.


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