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At Beauty Parade we take pride in our work and the relationships we share with our clientele. If there is anything you are not happy with regarding your services at our salon with your service provider please do not hesitate to contact them within 72 hrs (That’s 3 days). We will set up a consultation to assess what it is you are not satisfied with and make a plan to edit the discrepancies. Services must be completed within 10 days of initial appointment day and time. There may be an additional charge for color services if deemed necessary.


Your service edit will be null and void if you have tried a “do it yourself” attempt in any way, both regarding cutting or coloring.


 Thank you for trusting us.

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Here's how to get in touch!

All of the stylists at Beauty Parade are independent contractors and are solely responsible for their work behind the chair. Please call the salon to listen to our menu and choose their extension. 

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